London Photographic Association Overview

Michal Giedrojc

Membership of the London Photographic Association is free but, is by application. Please send us a link to your work along with information about yourself / practice, or email us

In the first of his 2013 Reith lectures Grayson Perry made a very interesting statement, 'democracy has bad taste'. Greyson's point is that the art world works much better when there is a 'filter' selection process in place.

Here at the London Photographic Association we have a filter process, all new members work is vetted before final acceptance.
We don't want our members to 'dump' vast amounts of files on our site, we want considered and thought through, quality photographs and projects that we are proud to share and help market on their behalf.

Membership of The LPA also gives you access to,

Gallery 1839 - on line and off line print sales
Gallery 1839 is an online gallery promoting and selling the work of international contemporary fine art photographers and artists. We are delighted to promote some of the most exciting emerging talent through to internationally established practitioners.

Kalectiv - an LPA initiative representing photographers and film makers.
Kalectiv boasts the combined talents of seasoned and young gun directors, stills photographers, designers, digital divas and writers within its ranks, who, individually or collectively, can tell a story distinctively across all multi-media platforms.
A collaboration of filmmakers and digital artists producing Content solutions for advertisers and agencies.

Photography by Michal Giedrojc