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 Kalectiv. Altogether more interesting

Kalectiv is a unique collaboration of digital artists and film-makers dedicated to producing fresh and original film work on brief, on time and on budget.

Creation of Photography, Film & Video Content for TV, Cinema, Online and Mobile Phones. 

Kalectiv boasts the combined talents of seasoned and young gun directors, stills photographers, designers, digital divas and writers within its ranks, who, individually or collectively, can tell your story distinctively across all multi-media platforms.

The result is an exciting hybrid of creativity and craft to produce a new generation of film-maker, some of whom employ accessible technology like the Canon D and i-Phone.

At Kalectiv, the rule is no rules, just an altogether more interesting production ethos that aims to make films in a more contemporary, credible and compelling way. For more, talk to Dave Edmunds or Kevin O’Connor on 020 8392 8557 Mob: 07768 275075.


Kalectiv is an identity of the London Photographic Association

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Photographers agents - general listings. 

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