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In 1997 Kevin O'Connor conceived and founded the London Photographic Awards. For four years this annual photography competition culminated in traveling exhibitions in the UK, Europe and the USA. A coffee table catalogue was published to support each photography exhibition, three of which won prizes in the New York Festivals.

Recognizing the uptake of digital technology and the way it was radically altering the way in which professional photographers and fine art photographers were commissioned, produced, and marketed the London Photographic Association (LPA) was formed in 2001.

Who belongs to the London Photographic Association?

Professional photographers engaged in advertising – editorial – fashion - photojournalism and social commissions.

Artists using lens based media -  fine art photographers - professional photographers wanting to build a reputation in the fine art market / print sales - photographers working on personal documentary projects for publication and /or exhibition.

Students - studying art, professional photography and allied creative and media subjects.

Where do the members come from?                      
Professional photographers come from 23 countries around the globe at the moment and our newsletter goes out to 104 countries.

What does the London Photographic Association do?                 
We mentor our members on a one to one basis giving portfolio and editing advice.
We assist and advise our international membership on how to market themselves through the web, this is vital to the success of professional photographers and fine art photographers in today's market.

The London Photographic Association holds regular competitions and gallery exhibitions as a way of highlighting our  photographers, this along with members folios, profile pages and online featured gallery exhibitions gives our professional photographers good exposure.


Join Us

New overseas and UK professional photographers are always welcome. Especially if they are busy photographers, who feel that they can take advantage of the added exposure that the London Photographic Association can give.

Whether you're an established professional photographer, an up-and-coming artist or a photography student, membership of the London Photographic Association will give you benefits you can't get by going it alone.

Membership of the London Photographic Association.

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